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October 26, 2015

Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board

Meeting Minutes

October 26, 2015

The Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board met on Monday, October 26, 2015 for an appeal of the denied zoning certificate of Lars and Christina Olsen.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Leah at 7:00pm. Present were Leah Black, Peggy Egbert, Kenny Cookson, Frank Miles, Debi Hulse. Larry Smith was absent. Also present were: Joe DeFelice, ex-zoning inspector and Doug Czako, future zoning inspector. Lars Olsen, Christina Olsen and David Day, Attorney for the Olsens.   Debi read the purpose of the hearing and the ground rules of the hearing.

Ex-Zoning Inspector, Joe DeFelice, introduced himself and informed everyone present that he was no longer Zoning Inspector. He will be assuming the responsibilities of a Harrison Township Trustee. The Prosecutor’s office has stated he can testify on cases which he has started. Joe read the zoning code pertaining to this non-conforming building.

The Olsen’s are asking for an 8 foot extension to the West of the existing garage. It will not increase the amount of non-conformity. The Zoning Appeals Board has to approve additions on non-conforming buildings.

David Day, attorney for the Olsen’s, spoke on behalf of the Olsen’s. The expansion will be only to the West. A new roof will replace the old one. There is no extension toward the road.

Frank asked about a home business doing business at this residence. Mr. Day stated the Mr. Olsen has no clients coming to the house.   Packages are delivered to the home of his clients.

Joe asked if he gets lots of packages for his business from UPS delivered to the Weigand Road address. Mr. Day stated that blinds are delivered to the home of the customer. Mr. Olsen stated that the only time they are delivered to his house was when he needed to replace a broken blind. He also stated that he has had blinds delivered to his home for personal use.

When asked if they had a home business, Mr. Day stated that Mr. Olsen had an office in his home for his business, but the business was not conducted from the home. Mrs. Olsen stated that the internet ad with the Weigand Road address which was brought up at the last hearing has been taken down. There is an office at the Weigand Road address.

When asked if a complaint was brought to the Zoning Appeals Board later, what would happen? Joe stated that a violation could be issued. The minutes from this meeting and the violation would be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office for determination.

Kenny made a motion to grant the 8’ extension with the condition that no business be conducted on this property unless they received a conditional home occupation permit. Peggy seconded the motion. All voted. The vote was unanimous to grant the permit.

Peggy moved to adjourn the meeting. Kenny seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.

Debi Hulse

Secretary, Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board.