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May 17, 2016


Vice-Chairman Joe DeFelice called the public hearing of May 17, 2016 to order at 6:00pm at the Harrison Township Building, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Ohio.  Attending were Trustee Doug Clark, Trustee Joe DeFelice, Trustee Bill Welsh and Fiscal Officer MaryAnn Elliott.  Also attending were Assistant Prosecutor Jayme Fountain, Zoning Inspector Doug Czako, Ryan Scribner and the following residents: Larry Arthur, Tom Canden, Frank Miles, Peggy Egbert, Rosan Ward, Teresa Santmyer, Lawrence & Carol Hayes, Darryl Buckler, Nancy Taylor, Larry Kelly, Cary Coffey, Jules Henson, Trent Carr and Denise Coffey.  Representatives from NorthPoint attending were: Brent Miles, Bob Gude, Nate Green, Dave Robinson, Rick Trott and Todd Cunningham.

Mr. DeFelice read the guidelines for the meeting.

The Clerk read the recommendation of the Zoning Commission:

“The recommendation of the Harrison Township Zoning Commission to the Harrison Township Trustees is:  The Zoning Commission is NOT making a recommendation to rezone these 122.687 acres in Harrison Township to the Rickenbacker Business District.  The Commission recommends that this land remain Agriculture/Residential.  Debi Hulse, Zoning Secretary”

The Clerk read the Recommendation from the Pickaway County Office of Development & Planning:

“The Pickaway County Planning Commission, upon receipt of the proposed rezoning application, reviewed the application, text and maps, and met on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 to issue a recommendation.

It is the recommendation of the Pickaway County Planning Commission to approve the amendment.  The Commission added its request that the developer be mindful in its consideration of concerns by several residential neighbors in the development area regarding storm water management and other probable adverse impact to them from the proposed development.  Terry Frazier, Director.”

The Clerk read the Legal Notice of Public Hearing and the recommendation of the Zoning Commission.



The Harrison Township Trustees will hold a public hearing to review and vote on a recommendation from the Zoning Commission to not re-zone 122.687 acres in Harrison Township to the Rickenbacker Business District.  NorthPoint Development has requested this zoning change to build a Class I industrial/distribution facility on the land south of Airbase Road between SR 762 and Lockbourne Eastern Road.

 The hearing on this application will be held May 17, 2016 at 6pm at the Township Building, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, OH.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the matter will be adopted, denied or accepted with changes by the Harrison Township Trustees.  The application is available for public examination, by appointment, with the Harrison Township Zoning Inspector.  All questions may be directed to the Zoning Inspector at 740-954-0270.

MaryAnn Elliott

Fiscal Officer

Harrison Township


Assistant Prosecutor Jayme Fountain asked all who were planning to speak to stand, raise their right hand and be sworn in before speaking.

Brent Miles from NorthPoint Development gave an overview of the planned buildings.  NorthPoint is planning to build three Concrete Class A Industrial Buildings.  The buildings will be one million square feet, five hundred thousand square feet and three hundred thousand square feet.  This is a $100 million project for NorthPoint.  There were concerns with storm water runoff and with traffic.  The traffic study has been completed and approved by ODOT.

Ryan Scribner from P3 asked to speak and was sworn in by Jayme Fountain.  P3 supports this building project and the growth in the Northern part of Pickaway County.

Todd Cunningham arrived after the meeting had started and was sworn in.  He stated that the traffic study has been completed and approved by ODOT with the existing center two-way left turn lane on Ashville Pike and a new lane for north-bound right turns into the site.  The drainage issues have been addressed with the addition of larger retention ponds to hold the water.  They are also planning to improve the drainage not only for their site but for the surrounding properties.

Frank Miles asked what is going to be done with the houses at the northeast corner of Airbase Road and Lockbourne Eastern Road that NorthPoint has agreed to purchase.  He also asked the Trustees to consider the decision of the Zoning Commission and the residents that will be affected.

Lawrence Hayes shared his concern for the water runoff from the project.  He also stated that the one thousand jobs that are going to be created will not help our community, but will come from Columbus.

Darryl Buckler stated that all properties adjacent to this property NorthPoint wants to build on are affected.  There is already a problem with ground water in the area and he believes this will be worse with the buildings and blacktop causing even more water on his property.

Nancy Taylor stated there are many empty warehouse buildings in the area and doesn’t want these buildings built.  She believes these buildings will ruin the residents along SR 762 who are struggling to survive now.

Cary Coffey shared his concern for property values.  He also has a major water problem on his property from runoff and is concerned it will get worse, not better.

There were no other residents who wished to address the Trustee Board.

Brent Miles of NorthPoint Development was asked to address the concerns and questions from the residents.  Mr. DeFelice asked what will happen to the three houses and property that NorthPoint is contracting to purchase at Air Base Road and Lockbourned Eastern Road.  He stated that all three houses will be razed and NorthPoint will ask for rezoning for the three properties.  This property will be used for berming or storm water.  

Mr. Welsh asked how many large buildings are vacant in Harrison Township.  They stated that part of one building is empty, or approximately two hundred twenty thousand square feet.  He also asked if they are building a sewer system.  Todd Cunningham answered that they are putting in a temporary lift system with a portion of gravity main and then a pump station that will pump the sewage to the existing lift station near the airport.  There will be no on-site treatment.  Once Columbus brings sewer down to this area as planned, they would then decommission their pump station and have standard gravity service.

Mr. DeFelice shared information with the residents about the Future Land Use Plan that was adopted in 2013 by the Harrison Township, Pickaway County, Ashville and South Bloomfield.  It states what the future would be for land use in Harrison Township.  The land in question has been set aside as “flex/industrial” which includes warehouses. 

Darryl Buckler addressed the Trustees again.  He asked if this is part of the JEDD project.  Mr. DeFelice explained that it is not at this time.

Frank Miles addressed the Trustees a second time with the concern about those who signed the Future Land Use Plan do not live in the unincorporated area of Harrison Township.  Mr. DeFelice explained that the main reason for the Future Land Use Plan was because Franklin County was about to annex the area in question and much of the northern part of Harrison Township into Franklin County.  This Land Use Plan allowing the building of warehouses and the commercial development put a stop to that annexation.  When the Township, Villages and County got together to develop this plan, they held advertised meetings for months, but very few residents attended or gave any input at that time.

Cary Coffee stated that if they want the area to be zoned commercial, they should buy all of the properties and re-zone the entire area instead of leaving a few houses to deal with the buildings in their backyard.

Nancy Taylor addressed the Trustees again.  She pleaded with the people from NorthPoint to buy the properties on SR 762 that are adjacent to their property, stating that this will ruin their property values.  She also asked where to find the CEDA Land Use Plan.  Mr. DeFelice answered that the document is on the Harrison Township Website and the Ashville Website.

Peggy Egbert asked why she hadn’t received an offer for her property since the side of her field is adjacent to the property. 

Brent Miles from NorthPoint explained that they tried to buy properties, but once they receive a definite “no” they are done. 

Mr. DeFelice asked for any additional questions or comments.  There were none.



Mr. DeFelice: Yes, based upon our obligation as stated in the Future Land Use Plan that was adopted by the Harrison Township Trustees, the County of Pickaway, Village of Ashville and Village of South Bloomfield in 2013.

Mr. Welsh: Yes, based upon NorthPoint having answered all of the questions asked of them at the Zoning Commission meeting and because there is no reason to turn it down based on the Future Land Use Plan.

Mr. Clark: Yes, for the same reasons as stated by the others.

Resolution 16-38 was approved.


With no further comments and all scheduled matters attended to, Mr. Welsh moved and Mr. DeFelice seconded the motion to adjourn the May 17, 2016 Public Hearing.  All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.