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December 9, 2013

Harrison Township Zoning Board of Appeals

December 9, 2013

Hearing for Application of Conditional Use for the Heritage Church of Christ, Lockbourne Eastern Road

Applicant: Heritage Church of Christ, section 13.04 C, Article 9

The hearing was called to order by chair, Leah Black, at 7:00pm

Roll Call for Commission members:        Leah Black – Chair

Larry Smith

Kenny Cookson – absent

Frank Miles

Peggy Egbert – absent

Joe DeFelice

Present:               Lynn Goodfleisch, 4614 St. Rt. 752, Ashville, OH

Craig Curry, 17530 Winchester Road, Ashville, OH

Becky Lindsey, 13450 Lockbourne Eastern Road, Ashville, OH

Jay Whippel, 13880 Whitesnake Road, Orient, OH

Jason Harral, 129 East Main Street, Circleville, OH

Leah Black called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. She took the roll call and explained the rules for the hearing.   She shared if the request is denied the applicant can seek relief at the Common Pleas Court of Pickaway County. Joe DeFelice shared the conditional use is listed in the zoning resolution under Section 13.04 C which states a church can be built as long the main sanctuary does not exceed seating for 400 people. Article 9 establishes some general standards. Section 9.04 addresses concerns by the Pickaway County Health Department and Pickaway County Engineers regarding drainage. Joe requests that no matter what the results of this hearing that these concerns will be addressed in writing to the Pickaway County Health Department or EPA before any zoning certificate is issued.

Jason Harral of Harral and Stevenson who is a civil engineer working with the church on the proposed building. Heritage Church of Christ is currently meeting at the Teays Valley High School Freshman Building. The church’s intention for the building is for worship service on Sunday and Wednesday. The proposed seating is 197. He has had conversations with the Health Dept. and believe the septic can be served on site through the local health department. Permits can be handled on the county level. Drainage will be according to the county subdivision regulations; he will look into the list Joe mentioned regarding the supplemental conditions.

Lynn Goodfleisch spoke. She resides at 4614 St. Rt. 752 about three miles from where the church will be located.   She and her husband are in favor of the church. They feel it will bring a positive atmosphere to the community for all surrounding homeowners. The church will provide activities for residents of the community from youth to adult. It will be a welcome asset to the township and community.

Craig Curry, member of the Heritage Church, stated the church currently has about 70 members and believe with this building the church will be able to continue to offer the services they are currently offering to the community as well as expanding some of these services in the future.

Joe DeFelice stated the adopted strategic land use plan, adopted by the Harrison Township Trustees, shows that area is listed for agricultural and low density residential which includes a church.

Leah Black asked if anyone else would like to speak. She asked if any board members had any questions.

Frank Miles asked if there are any plans to expand the church from a main sanctuary of 197 seats in the future. Craig Curry stated there is a phase 2 expansion plan that would be attached to the phase 1 building that would not exceed the 400 seat maximum stated in Section 13.04 C, Article 9

Leah Black asked if the shelter house and storage building would be built at the same time as the main building. Craig stated ideally it would be built at the same time. They are awaiting the cost of the building from the contractors before that is decided.

Leah also asked if the parking lot would be dustless. Jason Harral answered that the church would like to ultimately have an asphalt parking lot. This would not occur until after the construction was completed.

Leah asked what the size of the sign. Craig stated the contractor has not given the dimension of the sign. There would only be a sign in front of the building, not one attached to the building.

Larry Smith stated the size of the sign is important information the board needs. He also questioned how soon the building would have a dustless driveway. He asked for an estimate of the time frame for the driveway to be paved. He questioned about the septic tank and the permit for that.

Jason shared the northern part of the property is the most conducive for the septic tank, but shared if that did not work then a leach field would be the alternative route.

Joe DeFelice stated the variables he would like to be put on the plan. He asked that he would be given the opportunity if something “jumps out at him” during the process that he would be able to bring this back before the Board of Appeals if the conditional use is approved tonight.

Craig stated that he thought that was reasonable.

Frank asked the supplementary condition be restated. Joe stated he requests that a letter from the Pickaway County Engineer’s Office or EPA/Pickaway County Health Department.

Concerns were brought forward by Larry Smith about the drainage at the southern end. There are currently tiles. According to the plans there will be no construction in that area. Jason indicated this is correct.

Leah asked if they add on would they go toward the road or toward the north. Jason stated they would go toward Becky Lindsey’s property.

A vote was taken.

Larry Smith – yes

Frank Miles – yes with conditions that the size of the sign presented to Joe, the dustless surface would be proposed with a timeline, and that Joe’s request of the letter from the Pickaway County Engineer and Pickaway County Health department that all drainage issues would be addressed would be provided.

Leah Black – yes – agrees with Frank and she would like to see a little more detail. She does like that the proposed landscaping would protect the property of Becky Lindsey.

Leah motioned to adjourn the meeting. Larry Smith seconded.

Submitted by: Robin Welsh, secretary