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February 18, 2014


February 18, 2014


Trustee Doug Clark called the Regular Trustee Meeting of February 18, 2014 to order at 7:00pm. Attending were Trustee Keith Peters, Fiscal Officer MaryAnn Elliott, Fire Chief Eric Edgington, Zoning Inspector Joe DeFelice, Road/Cemetery Superintendent Kevin Hulse and Fire Captain Chad Noggle. Chairman Paul Welsh was absent.



  1. Ashville is building a new waste water treatment facility. Part of it will be on land that is in unincorporated Harrison Township. Joe signed off on a lot split with no residential use. Because of the CEDA agreement if there is any tax money generated there, Harrison Township should be receiving part of it.
  2. The Prosecutor has drawn up an affidavit for the Burdaks to sign stating they are not operating a commercial business on their residential property. If a violation is noted they will receive an immediate zoning violation from the Prosecutor’s office.
  3. The Bailey property is still in violation and we are waiting for the Prosecutor’s office to address that issue.


  1. John Deere is having a sale on parts. Kevin presented a list of parts needed for the cemetery mowers and trimmers at 20% off for approximately $700.00. The Trustees approved this purchase.
  2. Kevin presented an estimate from Pritchard Electric to change the light fixtures in the salt barn and the fluorescent lights in the roads metal shop. The Trustees approved the new lights in the metal shop for $589.00 but not for the salt barn since we are nearing the end of winter.
  3. Adam Peters has been helping keeping the snow plowed off of the road. The Trustees added five hours to Adam’s time card.
  4. Dan Heeter will no longer be working at the cemetery, on the roads or the snow plow.
  5. Kevin asked for the following days off: Mar 1, Mar 6 and Mar 11. The Trustees approved these days off as comp time.
  6. Kevin requested vacation from August 8 through August 27 and the Trustees approved this time off.
  7. Joe filled in a grave during Kevin’s absence. The Trustees asked the clerk to pay him $25.00 for this.
  8. Chad addressed the need for Kevin to have a new two-way radio. The one he is using is a 1998 model and does not work if he is north of Duvall Road. One radio is $650.00 and the Trustees approved the purchase of one new radio for when Kevin is working on the roads.


  1. Part time pay has three divisions for Basic, Intermediate and Medic. The Chief would like to change this to $10.00/hour for non-medic and $12.00/hour for Medic. All new part time personnel would start at a two dollar decrease ($8.00 or $10.00) during their probation period. The Trustees approved this change in the part-time pay scale.


  1. Harral and Stevenson sent the easements for the Lockbourne Eastern Road property owners to sign and have notorized. There are twelve properties. The Trustees each took four properties to visit and encourage the owners to sign and have notorized.

ACTION ON MINUTES: Minutes were not approved as only one Trustee was present from the previous meeting.



A RESOLUTION TO APPROVE AND PAY THE ATTACHED LIST OF BILLS AS THE LAWFUL OBLIGATIONS OF HARRISON TOWNSHIP. Mr. Peters moved and Mr. Clark seconded and the Trustees voted with two yes votes to approve R14-15.


With no further comments and all scheduled matters attended to, Mr. Peters moved and Mr. Clark seconded the motion to adjourn the February 18, 2014 Board of Trustee Meeting. All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.