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January 11, 2016

Harrison Township Zoning Commission

Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2016

The January meeting of the Harrison Township Zoning Commission was called to order by Ronde Cook-Brushart at 8:00pm.  Chairman, Kelly Spriggs informed the Board before the meeting that she would be 5 minutes late.  Present were:  Ronde Cook-Brushart, Lisa Darnell, Debi Hulse, Doug Czako, and Kelly Spriggs.  Absent were Trevor Younkin and Matt Raybern.   Also present were guests David Robinson and Nate Green.

Debi read the minutes of the October, 2015 meeting.  Ronde moved to accept the minutes, Seconded by Lisa.  The October meeting minutes were approved as read.  The board welcomed new member Lisa Darnell.

David Robinson and Nate Green were introduced.  They are from the Montrose Group LLC and are representing NorthPoint Development from Missouri.  They showed a map of the parcels that the NorthPoint Development Group wishes to have rezoned for General Business.  They want to build warehouses.  They have gotten all the information needed from Harrison Township Zoning and the Rickenbacker Design Standards.  They will be applying for parcels to be rezoned in the near future.

Old Business:  Updates on the Renick Property were discussed.  The trustees have sent a letter to the Pickaway County Building Department to proceed with this matter.  The Zoning Commission has seen no progress on this property.  The Roundtown Conservancy has expressed interest in this property.  Franklin Conaway discussed the property with a Commission member.  They may be willing to attend a Township meeting to discuss options for the property.  Stephanie Sharpnick is the President of the Roundtown Conservancy. 

New Business:  The Strategic Land Use Plan was reviewed.  An election for Chairman of the Zoning Commission was held.  Ronde nominated Kelly Spriggs for Chairman with Lisa Seconding the nomination.  Kelly was unanimously voted the 2016 Zoning Commission Chairman.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, April 11, 2016 at 8:00pm at the Harrison Township Building. Ronde moved to adjourn the meeting, Seconded by Lisa.  Meeting adjourned.