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January 16, 2017


Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2017

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission held meeting on Monday, January 16, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Harrison Township Building, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Oh.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Kelly Spriggs at 7:00pm.

Present were:  Kelly Spriggs, Lisa Darnell, Matt Rayburn, Trevor Younkin, Debi Hulse, and Doug Czako, Zoning Inspector.  Absent was Ronde Cook-Brushart.

Also present were:  Neighbors – Brenda Miller, Larry Kelly, and Jules Henson.  Representing NorthPoint were:  Nate Green, Dave Robinson and Brent Miles.

The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to hear, review and vote on an application from NorthPoint Development to rezone 4 parcels of land into the Rickenbacker Business Development District. 

A copy of an email sent from Terry Frazier, Director of the Pickaway County Planning Commission to Doug Czako, Harrison Township Zoning Inspector was given to each member before the meeting.  The email states that the Planning Commission recommends that the township approve the application to amend the zoning district for these tracts of land.

Debi Hulse, Secretary, read the Ground Rules for tonight’s meeting.

Brent Miles, Vice President of Development for NorthPoint, Riverside, Missouri summarized the development of this project to the present.  NorthPoint had 122.687 acres rezoned into the Rickenbacker Business Development District in 2016.  They have purchased 4 properties that they would like to be rezoned.  These properties were purchased at the appraised value of approximately $800,000.  1 property is on SR 762 and the other 3 are on Lockbourne Eastern Road.  ODOT has approved a road through the property on SR 762.  It is on the south of the original parcel.  This was a preferred location for the road instead of the northern line of the property.  The 3 properties on Lockbourne Eastern Road will be used for retention ponds.  NorthPoint has easement rights through the Ward and Henson properties to the East.  This will be for water drainage from the retention ponds to Walnut Creek.  Northpoint would like to rezone these 4 properties.

Kelly asked if the parcels will be separate or be incorporated into 1 parcel.  Nate Green spoke the stated that the County is already working on making it 1 parcel.  At a later date, the parcel may be split since there will be 3 warehouses.

Kelly stated that at this time, Proponents and Opponents would be able to speak.

Lance Henson spoke.  He stated that he was skeptical about what Duke was doing across from him on Airbase Road.  He has given Duke an easement to drain water to Walnut Creek across his farm.  He stated that the water situation is better than it has ever been.  He believes that this water drainage plan will help, also.

Kelly stated that this is an emotional change.  Neighbors are going from a farming community to having a warehouse in their backyard.  Change is hard.  The change has started.  We have the Intermodal, which means that change is here.  We have to respect one another.  By buying these properties, NorthPoint has shown that they are willing to work with residents. 

Recommendation & Vote:

Kelly made a motion to make a recommendation to accept the 4 parcels (D1200030024400; D1200030025702; D1200030025703; D1200030025704) to be rezoned to the Rickenbacker Development District.  Trevor 2nd.

Kelly gave directions for the vote.  Members should vote Aye or Nay on the vote.  Members may add comments after the vote.

Trevor                   Aye

Matt                     Aye

Lisa                       Aye

Kelly                     Aye

The vote was unanimous to accept the recommendation.

Kelly – The main parcel has already been rezoned.  These added properties are contiguous to the property.  They helped the property owners by purchasing these properties.

Trevor – They took additional properties to benefit property owners and the community.

Matt – They benefited people.

Lisa – They took in consideration of what we said at the last meeting.  They did the right thing.

General comment – This is a big project.  It is intimidating for the community.  We are glad NorthPoint is working with the neighbors.

The Zoning Commission will be recommending to the Harrison Township Trustees to accept the rezoning application.

Matt moved to adjourn, Lisa 2nd.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.

Debi Hulse

Harrison Township Zoning Commission Secretary