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January 27, 2014

Harrison Township Zoning Commission

Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2014

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission January meeting was called to order by chairperson Kelly Spriggs at 7:00 pm. Present were Kelly Spriggs, James Wells, Trevor Younkin, Ronde Cook-Burshart, Joe DeFelice, and Robin Welsh

Minutes from the January 14, 2014 meeting were read. Ronde made a motion the minutes be approved. Trevor seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Old Business

Kelly stated this meeting is a continuation of the hearing on January 14, 2014 for Barbara Younkin regarding the zoning plan for signs at 11015 US Route 23, Lockbourne, OH 43137, Article XXIX, SIGNS.

Present:               Barbara Younkin, 1433 Duvall Road, Lockbourne, OH 43137

Doug Czako, 2747 Duvall Road, Lockbourne, OH 43137

Todd Younkin, 217 Ashville Fairfield Road, Ashville, OH 43103

Alan Sedlak, 35 East Main Street, Ashville, OH 43103

Joe stated the sign per the site plan is at least 25 feet from the road and is in compliance with the zoning requirements.

Kelly asked if the map was to scale.

Joe said yes and stated he is comfortable with the map.

Kelly said what was submitted on January 14, 2014 did not include Sign #3 being at an elevation of thirteen feet, therefore the board cannot vote.

Todd Younkin asked what if he strikes the elevation and makes it a ground level sign.

Kelly stated the site plan shows an elevated sign and does not agree with the narrative that was presented with the plan.

Todd said what if I strike the elevation.

Kelly said there is no description of sign 4 in the narrative.

Alan Sedlak stated there is a reference to sign 4 in the narrative.

Kelly stated it only states it’s an additional sign. It does not have a description. Kelly voiced her concern that at every hearing for this property regarding the signs, there must be tweaks to the narrative and or site plan. She is looking for a site plan and narrative that agree to recommend to the trustees.

Kelly stated her frustration when Joe receives flack when he enforces what this board recommends and the trustees pass.

Trevor asked for clarification for what we need tonight to be able to vote.

Ronde stated the original map was not to scale and therefore not approved. The new map is to scale, but shows sign #3 at an elevation of 13’. She will only vote on the new site map because it is to scale, but cannot because the elevation of 13’ was not part of the legal notice to the public.

Joe stated he asked for the drawing before the meeting. The first drawing brought to him was an incomplete site plan. He requested another site plan. The new site plan is complete but has changes with sign #3 at a proposed elevation of 13’. If the sign is to be at ground level and changes are made to the site plan the board could approve it with changes.

Trevor asked if a tree would block the sign if it were at ground level.

Todd stated it would not.

Ronde Cook-Brushart questioned the confusion about everything matching. Her concern is if someone reads this fifteen years from now will it be clear?

Joe asked the board to refer to the official zoning regulations page 1-24 Section 6.06 Recommendation by Zoning Commission.

“Within thirty (30) days after the hearing required in Section 6.05 above, the Zoning Commission will recommend to the Board of Township Trustees that the amendment be grated as requested, or it may recommend a modification of the amendment requested, or it may recommend that the amendment be denied.

Kelly recommended sign #3 be completely removed from the current plan before recommending it to the trustees for approval. She said this sign needs written clarification regarding the electric and the support.

Jim asked if we remove sign #3 can we vote to recommend to the trustees.

Kelly said it is up to the board.

Ronde stated her concern is for the public to be notified before a sign #4 is approved for illumination and sign #3 is approved. She suggested Mrs. Younkin reapply for zoning Article XXIX, SIGNS for only sign #3 so proper public notification can be made regarding the elevation, illumination, and electrical.

Todd suggested he come back at a later date to ask for sign #3. He stated it must be elevated to be seen.

Kelly stated the former meeting notices specified no additional signs. Her concern is it is a dangerous intersection and the board must be efficient in following the law and assuring the tenant has the ability to promote his business.

Kelly made a motion to recommend to the trustees a modified narrative and site map with the removal of the reference to sign #3, also the removal of illumination from sign #4.

Jim seconded the motion.

Ronde asked for clarification to the motion that the last paragraph of the narrative be crossed out. Her concern is how to clarify what is being recommended so there is no further confusion.

Joe said the sign information for sign #3 and the illumination of sign #4 must be scratched out on both the narrative and the site plan.

Ronde suggested the property owners should sign the documents as well as the board members.

Joes stated that was not necessary.

Ronde, “I want their written acknowledgement of the changes, but I will follow the guidelines.”

Alan stated the positions of everyone have been made clear.

Kelly asked if there were additional comments. When no one replied she called for a vote.

Robin Welsh, secretary took a roll call vote,

Jim Wells – yes for the motion with the elimination of sign 3

Kelly Spriggs – yes for the motion with the elimation of sign #3 and the recommended changes to sign #4

Ronde Cook-Brushart – yes to sign #4 with the changes and the removal of sign #3 and the understanding that the public   was not notified therefore it could not be part of the plan

Trevor – abstained due to personal connection. He stated that the signage is important but this has drug out too long.

The motion passed. References to sign #3 were removed from the site map and narrative.

Kelly reminded everyone this is only a recommendation to the trustees and they will vote to approve or deny.

The second paragraph was marked out on the narrative. Sign #3 was marked out on the site plan. All members of the board signed both documents. Trevor Younkin signed but reminded the board that he abstained from the vote.

New Business

Ronde Cook Brushart made a recommendation that the minutes of the Zoning Board be emailed to the board members at least 15 days prior to the meeting in lieu of reading them at the meeting. The minutes would still be voted on for approval. Kelly seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Trevor recommended the trustees to accept Doug Czako to the Zoning Board as the fifth member. Kelly seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Kelly stated the next meeting will be April 14, 2014 at 8pm

Kelly made a motion to adjourn

Jim seconded motion

Motion carried

Robin Welsh