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January 30, 2017


Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2017

The Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board met on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 7:00pm for a special meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and vote on the Zoning Variance requested by NorthPoint Development.  This meeting is a continuation of the meeting held December 19, 2016.  The vote was tabled until January 30, 2017. 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Leah Black at 7:00pm.  Present were:  Leah Black, Kenny Cookson, Peg Egbert- Present but abstaining from voting, Frank Miles – Present but abstaining from voting, Buck Spangler, Debi Hulse, and Doug Czako.  Also present were:  Representing NorthPoint Development – Dave Robinson, Ryan Scribner, Rick Trott, Todd Cunningham, Robert Gude and Brent Miles, Neighboring property owners and interested citizens – Brenda Miller, Ron Miller, Jeff Tussing, Kevin Hulse, Jules Henson and Bonnie Wohnkas.  Harrison Township Trustee, Joe DeFelice was present to make an opening statement.

Joe DeFelice spoke to make an opening statement.  He was speaking on the advice of the township’s legal consul.  After speaking with Legal consul, and referring to Zoning Resolution, 20.05, Joe DeFelice stated the purpose and procedure for tonight’s meeting.  The main objective tonight will be to gain evidence to determine that NorthPoint meets the 4 requirements of their request for a Zoning Variance.  The Zoning Appeals board will hear from NorthPoint and will ask questions to gain evidence that they have met the requirements.  NorthPoint is the 1st JEDD Expansion.  This is a new area for our township and the Zoning of our township.  After the evidence is gained, the Zoning Inspector, Doug Czako, will determine whether and Zoning Permits will be issued.  He will give his recommendation to the Harrison Township Trustees.

Frank Miles asked Joe if this is the way it is going to be with all matters of Zoning.  Joe replied that this is the only time this would happen.  Frank asked, “If the board decides that not enough evidence is gathered what happens?  Does 1 guy make the decision?”  Joe re-explained the procedure.

Brent Miles from NorthPoint, Riverside, Missouri spoke.  He stated the 4 points submitted 1.  How it fits into the JEDD, 2. The traffic impact  3.  The project is consistent with the Pickaway County Development Plan. And 4.  The management of ponding and surface water drainage. 

Todd Cunningham, Engineer from EMH&T, spoke on the water issue.  He acknowledged that drainage has been an issue in this area for a long time.  They have acquired a drainage easement for a 24 inch pipe through the Ward and Henson properties.  Todd stated that his company shot elevations to check the feasibility of possible control of water drainage from neighboring properties.  These neighboring properties are to the South and East of NorthPoint’s property.  It is possible to ease the problem, but NorthPoint’s Easement has been negotiated with the Wards and the Hensons.  The grades show that it is physically possible to solve the water issues. 

Frank Miles stated that he is not asking for the water drainage help for himself.  He is speaking for 5 properties.  He and Peg Egbert are 2 of the 5 properties.  Brent stated that 2 of the 5 property owners are members of the Zoning Appeals Board.

Todd Cunningham stated that they have an agreement with the Wards and the Hensons for a 24 inch pipe.   There is a solution for the water problem.  It would call for more easement and that the water would have to get into the system.

Brent Miles stated that it would not be possible to add the 5 properties to the agreed easement.  NorthPoint doesn’t have the right to drain other properties water across the Wards and the Hensons.  This would have to be re-negotiated easement. 

Dave Robinson from the Montrose Group, stated that NorthPoint has a solution which is going to handle water from the site.  The focus tonight should be the NorthPoint site.

Peg Egbert asked if there will be a line fence between the site and her property.  Todd Cunningham spoke.  He stated that there will be berms or mounds of dirt which will be landscaped.  These will be consistent with the Rickenbacker Design Standards.  There will be 4 foot high mounds of dirt with 8 – 5’ tall evergreens and 3 ornamental trees planted in every 100’ section.  Rickenbacker has the highest Design Standards in the country. 

Frank asked if the Wards and the Hensons would say it is okay, could the water from the 5 properties be drained across their property.  Jules Henson stated that the water drainage is going to be better when this system is in place.

Chairman, Leah Black, thanked everyone for coming and speaking.  The Zoning Inspector, Doug Czako, will be in communication with the Harrison Township Trustees and they will be contacting NorthPoint.

Buck made a motion for adjourning the meeting.  2nd by Kenny.  Meeting adjourned.

Debi Hulse


Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board Secretary