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January 9, 2017


Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2017

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission held their regularly scheduled quarterly meeting on January 9, 2017 at 8:00pm.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Kelly Spriggs at 8:00pm.

Present were:  Kelly Spriggs, Lisa Darnell, Matt Rayburn, Trevor Younkin, Debi Hulse and Doug Czako.  Absent:  Ronde Cook-Brushart.

Debi Hulse, Secretary, sent previous minutes to each member via e-mail.  Minutes from the October 10, 2016 – Kelly moved to accept the minutes, Trevor 2nd.  These minutes were approved as read.

For the October 24, 2016 minutes.  Changes are: After the Recommendation:  the minutes need to be change to:  Ronde Cook-Brushart made the motion to recommend that the trustees accept the application with modifications.  Matt Rayburn 2nd.


Ronde Cook-Brushart                          Yes, with the stipulations in the motion

Matt Rayburn                                     Yes, with the stipulations in the motion

Kelly Spriggs                                      Yes, with the stipulations in the motion.

Motion carried.  Vote was unanimous.

Kelly reminded everyone that this hearing is a committee recommendation of the application to the trustees.  The Trustees will hold a separate public hearing to review and make a final decision on the recommendation and application.  She indicated all parties, applicant and property owners will receive notification from the trustees on the hearing, date and time. 

Old Business:

The Vances have started preparing ground on their project.  The pond is in and it is full after the rain this weekend.  The board was not sure if the drainage has been finished.

The Board hasn’t heard anything about moving the meeting.  Doug will check with the other board about changing their time.

The Trustees will not update the Land Usage Plan at this time.  It is too costly.

New Business: 

Kelly brought up a Zoning Resolution.  When a number of days are stated in a timeline for a hearing, etc., the days should be considered Business Days.  Example Sect 4.93. 

 The board wants to make a resolution that we use business days (Monday – Friday, no Federal or State holidays) when counting days.  When X number of days is mentioned, that means X number of business days.  Kelly moved that we accept this resolution, Matt 2nd.  Vote was unanimously in favor of this resolution.

Kelly heard that the Land Usage Plan must be updated with the new JEDD increase.  The Zoning Commission would like to go back to the resolution recommended in July, 2016.  The Recommendation:

On the future land use map.  Area currently Industrial and Commercial support.  The Commission would like to recommend a change to Agriculture and Low Density Residential.  This area is South of Duvall and from Ashville Pike west to the Commercial Node.  It is the Purple area.

The trustees have asked for applicants to serve as alternates to the board.  The alternate must live in the unincorporated part of the township.  A question was brought up:  Can a member of 1 board be an alternate to the other board?

A vote of a 2017 Chairperson was held.  It was unanimously voted on to retain Kelly Spriggs as Chairperson.  Vice Chairperson will be Ronde Cook-Brushart.

The next meeting will be Monday, January 16, 2017 at 7:00pm.  This is with NorthPoint Development dealing with rezoning 4 parcels to be added to the 122.687 acres.

The next regularly scheduled quarterly meeting will be April 10, 2017 at 8:00pm.

Matt moved to adjourn, Trevor 2nd.  Meeting was adjourned

Debi Hulse

Harrison Township Zoning Commission Secretary