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July 11, 2016 ZC



JULY 11, 2016

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission met Monday, July 11, 2016 at 8:00pm at the Harrison Township Building.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Kelly Spriggs at 8:00pm.  Present were:  Kelly Spriggs, Matt Rayburn, Ronde Cook-Brushart, Lisa Darnell, Trevor Younkin, Doug Czako and Debi Hulse.  Also present were visitors Lonnie Marlowe, Gwen Marlowe, Keila Marlowe, Preston Vance and Jennifer Vance.

Debi previously has sent the meeting minutes to the regular quarterly April 11, 2016 and the June 13, 2016 meetings to the board via email.  The members read the minutes prior to the meeting.  For the 4-11-16 meeting Matt moved to accept the minutes as read.  2nd by Lisa.  Minutes approved as read.  For the 6-13-16 meeting, there was a mistake in the spelling of Rayburn. Trevor moved that the minutes be accepted as corrected, 2nd my Matt. Minutes were approved as corrected.

Old Business:

The Vance Property:  This is a continuation from the special meeting on 6/23/16.  The Commission looked at the new updates on the site map of the proposed business.  Kelly read the letter from Terry Frazier, Office of Development and Planning, Pickaway County, Ohio.  The letter was dated 6/23/16.  The Pickaway Planning Office recommended approval of this business.

The updates on the site map were:  The removal of the rental properties, Additional Vegetation and screening on the North and South sides.

Kelly asked the Vances if they were working with the Engineers regarding placement of the buildings, ponds, etc.  Preston Vance stated that Craig Stevenson, Project Engineer, from Harral & Stevenson was in charge of that. 

Trevor asked about the existing drives to the houses.  Jennifer stated they will work with Craig to eliminate them.

Signs:  Signs will be to code.  They will follow the sign limitations.  The Vances are aware that they will need a permit before erecting a sign.

Keila Marlowe asked if the Vances were certified.  She questioned if the business will have approved EPA containment of liquids.  Kelly reminded everyone that we will focus on zoning only.  This is not a hearing on the business, this is a zoning meeting. 

Kelly made a motion to accept the property in the Planned Business District with Modifications.  The modifications are:  to add fast growing trees and pine trees to the South.  To have proper setbacks of retention pond.  Signage to meet current zoning codes.  Removal of existing houses and buildings by 6-1-17.  Any current septic system be removed as required by EPA standards. Propane tanks supplying the existing homes be removed.  Any cisterns need to be filled.  This motion was 2nd by Matt.

There was a vote to accept this plan as a Planned Business


Trevor                   Yes

Ronde                    Yes

Matt                     Yes

Lisa                       Abstain

Kelly                     Yes

The Zoning Commission voted to accept this plan as a Planned Business.  Vote was 4 in favor with 1 abstain vote.

The board members added comments, sentiments and justifications for their decision.  A summary of comments are as follows.  All members shared the same or similar comments.  The Zoning Commission has mixed feelings in granting this plan.  Everyone living in Harrison Township moved here to be living in the country.  However, growth is here and change is happening.  We need to have controlled growth.  The Strategic Land Use Plan is a guide to help us control and plan growth.  This falls into the strategic plan.  The Vances are a local couple who will operate a small business.  We think they will be good neighbors.  This can be a good thing for the community.  We have heard the neighbors concerns.  Hopefully, we can all be good neighbors.

Doug gave the Vances permit applications they will need before starting.  He explained what their next step is. 

Old Business:

There have been no updates on the Renick and Bailey properties.

Renick Property:  There is an office chair on the roof.  It has been there for quite a long time.  There is nuisance vegetation.  It is an eyesore. 

Doug:  The Trustees have talked about this property.  They have sent a letter to the owner in Arizona.  This is the property owner and address on record with the Auditor’s office. 

Ronde:  The Pickaway County Conservancy is interested in this property.

Trevor:  We need to have the trustees on board to proceed with this matter.

Based on lack of movement on this issue, the Commission is making a recommendation to the trustees that the property be mowed.  ORC-505.87- Abatement, control or removal of vegetation, garbage, refuse and other debris.  The Commission also recommends that the trustees investigate to determine if the house is safe.  ORC 505.86 – Removal, repair or securance of insecure, unsafe buildings or structure.

New Business:

The township has no Noise Ordinance.

Land Usage Plan.  The Zoning Commission believed this document was a guideline.  The Prosecutor’s Offices determination was that it was an enforceable plan.  This is a question to be answered later.

Strategic Land Use:  The Commission revisited the plan.  The plan is a flexible document that can be updated.  The Commission wishes to update the plan.

On page 4-8.  There is a Tshaped area which is dark purple designated for Warehouses and Logistics.  This area runs from Shepard Road to Lockbourne Eastern.  The County line to township line.  From Airbase Road to Duvall Road.

The areas West and East of Dark Purple is Pink.  This is for Flex Industrial.

The area South of Duvall Road and left of Bulen Pierce to Ashville Pike is Purple.  This is for Industrial and Commercial Support – Sewer and water services.

The Commission would like the Pink and Purple area changed to Agriculture, low density housing.

The Recommendation is to update the Land Usage Plan by:  To change the Flex Industrial West of Bulen Pierce Road and North of Duvall Road to Agriculture/Low Density Residential.  Also, to change South of Duvall Road currently listed as Industrial and Commercial Support to Agriculture/Low Density Residential.  Kelly moved to accept this recommendation. 2nd by Trevor.

Vote on the Recommendation:

Trevor                   Yes

Ronde                    Yes

Matt                     Yes

Lisa                       Yes

Kelly                     Yes

The Zoning Commission vote unanimously to accept a recommendation to change the Land Usage Plan.  This will be sent to the Harrison Township Trustees.

The Zoning Commission is also requesting clarification from the trustees this question:  Is the Strategic Land Usage Plan a required plan or a guide?

The trustees have asked for a Chain – of – Command is case the Chairman is unavailable.  The Chain of Command is Kelly Spriggs – Ronde Cook-Brushart – Trevor Younkin – Matt Rayburn – Lisa Darnell.

Ronde made a motion to adjourn to meeting.  2nd by Matt.  Meeting was adjourned at 10:45pm.

Debi Hulse


Harrison Township Zoning Commission.