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July 13, 2015

Harrison Township Zoning Board

Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2015

The Harrison Township Zoning Board July meeting was called to order by chair Kelly Spriggs at 8:00 pm. Present were: Kelly Spriggs, Ronde Cook-Brushart, Trevor Younkin, Joe DeFelice and Debi Hulse. Absent were: James Wells and Doug Czako. Also present was Larry Diehl.

Debi read the minutes from the April 13 meeting. Trevor moved to accept the minutes, Ronde 2nd. The minutes were approved and accepted as read.


The Davina Martin residence still has someone living in the 2nd floor garage area. The case has been in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s office is filing a case against them.

The proposed cell tower. The company is no longer planning on building a cell tower in the township.

The Renick Property on US 23. The Harrison Township trustees have sent a letter to the property owners.


A question was brought up about the maintenance and use of the new retention ponds around Bulen Pierce and Duvall Roads. The ponds are owned by the property owners.

The Duvall Log Cabin. The cabin is in a major state of disrepair. There are questions. Who owns the property? Is the cabin on the Historical Registry?

Joe DeFelice presented an unsubmitted plan for a gravel operation. It is a proposed drawing for property at Weigand Road and US 23. The company estimates 15 years of gravel. There will never be a hole, it will always have water. After 15 years, it will be landscaped and there will be residential lots around it. They also have traffic and road proposals. Shelly Materials have leased the property from Anderson Concrete.

Ronde moved to close the meeting, Trevor 2nd. Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.