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July 14, 2014

Harrison Township Zoning Commission

Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2014

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission July meeting was called to order by Ronde Cook-Brushart at 8:00 pm. Present were Kelly Spriggs (arrived late), James Wells, Doug Czako, Ronde Cook-Burshart, Joe DeFelice, and Robin Welsh. Trevor Younkin was absent

Ronde asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes of the April meeting emailed earlier. Ronde made a motion the minutes be approved. Doug seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Old Business

Joe updated the board on the Bailey residence where a certified letter dated March 24, 2014 from Jayme Hartley Fountain, Pickaway County Assistant Prosecutor was delivered to the Baileys stating they did not appeal the notice of violation of Harrison Township Zoning Code Section 36.05, which instructs that all front, side, and rear yards are to be maintained in a neat and orderly state and be kept free from any trash, junk, or debris. They were given 30 days to resolve the issue or the prosecutor’s office would be forced to file a cease and desist action in Pickaway County Common Pleas Court.

Joe contacted Jayme Fountain 30 days after the letter was delivered. She stated it was on her desk but she has not done anything with it. Joe continued to contact her regarding this and the Burdak case every 2 to 3 weeks. Joe plans to ask the trustees to call the prosecutor’s office.

Ronde asked if the neighbors could start a petition regarding the Bailey residence since the original complaint came from a neighbor.

Joe shared it has been observed that the Burdak’s are still running a business out of their residence. The prosecutor’s office has sent a certified letter to the home owner, but no further action has been taken by their office.

Joe shared an update on the Penlin Seeding case. The 30 days expired as of Thursday, July 10th. Joe will make a recommendation to the trustees for prosecution.

New Business

Hearing regarding: Article XXVII, Section 27.11

Secretary, Robin Welsh, read the letter from the Harrison Township Trustees to the Harrison Township Zoning Commission.

Joe asked the board for their interpretation of the wording. It was agreed that it states sewage or waste from other property cannot be stored in a lake, pond, lagoon, impoundment area or storage vessel.

Ronde asked for an explanation of a the type of lagoon referred to.

Doug explained a lagoon, large hole, where waste (sewage, industrial waste, human waste, chemical waste, hospital, or hazardous waste) is held in an open hole where the odors are open to the area.

Kelly asked if there was any further discussion.

Article XXVII, Section 27.11

No pond, lake, lagoon, impoundment, area or storage vessel shall be constructed or used to store sewage, industrial waste, human waste, chemical waste, hospital or hazardous waste, treated or untreated in a residential, business or agricultural district. Only animal or human waste generated on premise is permitted.

A motion to accept the recommendation of the above Article was made by Ronde Cook-Brushart and seconded by Doug Czako.

A role call vote was taken:

Ronde Cook-Brushart – yes

Doug Czako – yes

James Wells – yes

Kelly Spriggs –yes

Ronde stated this will save the environment in our residential areas.

The hearing was closed.

Kelly asked if there was any additional new business.

Joe shared he was contacted by the Pickaway Health Department to help them condemn a house in Duvall owned by the railroad. The vacant house at 3046 Duvall Road has sewage in the basement along with other health concerns. Joe contacted Jayme at the prosecutor’s office and was told the zoning commission and board of appeals has no authority to condemn vacant property. She said the authority belongs to the Pickaway County Building department who assisted the Pickaway County Board of Heath in getting a demolition order.

Kelly shared in her investigation regarding abandoned and condemned building resolutions she found almost all had to go through the county or city’s Building and Health Departments.

Ronde inquired if it was the board’s responsibility to identify buildings that should be condemned.

Joe stated if this committee wants to make recommendations to the trustees to apply pressure to the Pickaway County Building Department.

Ronde stated the vacant large brick house on US 23 needs to be addressed.

Jim made a motion to adjourn.

Ronde seconded the motion.

Next meeting will be October 13, 2014 at 8:00pm.

Robin Welsh