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July 25, 2017



The Harrison Township Zoning Commission met on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 6:00pm at 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Ohio.  This was a continuation of the June 27, 2017 hearing with Jones Fuel.  This continuation of that hearing was to review and vote on an application for a zoning change from Farm/Residential to Planned Business for the Jones Fuel Company for Parcels D1200030031210 & D1200020031600.  The Planned Business will be for the purpose of Sand & Gravel Mining.  The Jones Fuel Company will be using the top soil from this property.  The excavation of topsoil falls under the heading of Sand & Gravel mining. 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Kelly Spriggs at 6:00 pm. Members present were:  Kelly Spriggs, Trevor Younkin, Ronde Cook-Brushart, Matt Rayburn, Lisa Darnell, Debi Hulse and Dale Hoover.  Also present were:  Dave Jones from Jones Fuel Company and neighbors Patty Korn and Barbara Younkin.

Debi Hulse, Secretary, read the ground rules of the hearing.  Kelly stated this is a continuation of the June 27th hearing.  This hearing will be to review and vote on the proposal.  We will not testimony from the previous hearing.

To review, the Commission members had questions of Dave Jones.  The letter from Terry Frazier, Pickaway County Planning Commission, was read by Kelly Spriggs.  The Pickaway County Planning Commission recommends approval of the amendment to change zoning and allow mining on the stated Parcels.

Kelly asked Dave Jones if he had talked to ODOT about possible changes to SR762 and the intersection of SR762 and US 23.  Mr. Jones said that ODOT has no immediate plans to change SR762.

Kelly asked about the time frame to start working this field.  Dave Jones speculated it will be about 10 years before he would start using this field.  If the need for dirt would increase drastically, it could possibly start in 6 – 7 years.

Kelly asked about the entrance.  The Plan would be to enter from SR762.  An entrance from US23 would be a temporary entrance until the entrance from SR762 was established and the site would open.

Ronde Cook-Brushart asked about lighting.  Mr Jones said there would be no lighting.  It would be a day-light only business.

Trevor asked about a traffic study.  Mr Jones said that ODOT didn’t require one.

Patty Korn, a neighboring property owner asked to speak.  Chairman Kelly reminded her that testimony from neighbors was heard at the last hearing date and this was just for review and voting. 

Ronde Cook-Brushart made a motion to recommend Jones Fuel Company’s Change of Zoning application to Planned Business.  The temporary entrance on US23 to be only used before business is opened and that all business traffic will use SR762 as permitted by ODOT.  Also, no lighting, signage or structures are approved at this time.  Any changes must go through the proper zoning application and permit process.  This motion was seconded by Matt Rayburn.

Voting on above motion:  Yes = in favor of motion.  No = against the motion.

Kelly Spriggs        Yes

Lisa Darnell            Yes

Matt Rayburn        Yes

Ronde Cook-Brushart    Yes

Trevor Younkin        No

Motion carried with a Vote of 4 Yes votes and 1 No vote.

Members gave reason for their votes:

Kelly –  It fits as a Planned Business within the Strategic Use Plan

Lisa –  I have no problem as long as proper process is followed.

Matt – It will have minimal impact on people and property in the area.

Ronde – It fits as part of the Strategic Use Plan for this area.

Trevor – I have concerns with traffic and back-ups at th4e intersection.  This intersection gets backed up.  I am concerned with traffic more than anything.  I have nothing against the business, but traffic is bad there.

Kelly stated that traffic is a problem but, ODOT didn’t think a Traffic Study was needed.

The Zoning Commission will send this recommendatio9n to the Trustees.  They will proceed with their part of the hearing process.

Matt moved to adjourn the meeting.  Ronde 2nd.  Meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm.  The next regularly scheduled Zoning Commission meeting will be October 9, 2017 at 6:00pm.

Debi Hulse

Harrison Township Zoning Commission Secretary