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July 5, 2016


July 5, 2016


Vice-Chairman Joe DeFelice called the Regular Trustee Meeting of June 7, 2016 to order at 7:00pm at the Harrison Township Building, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Ohio.  Attending were Trustee Joe DeFelice, Trustee Bill Welsh, Fiscal Officer MaryAnn Elliott, Fire Chief Eric Edgington, Road/Cemetery Superintendent Kevin Hulse and Zoning Inspector Doug Czako.  Trustee Doug Clark was absent.



  1. Doug has issued a second violation to Carl and Gerlina Salyers, 2515 SR 752, Ashville, OH and has forwarded a copy to the Prosecutor’s Office.


A RESOLUTION TO HAVE THE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE PROCEED WITH THE ZONING VIOLATION AGAINST CARL R & GERLINDA G SALYERS AT 2515 SR 752, ASHVILLE, OH 43103.  Mr. DeFelice moved and Mr. Welsh seconded and the Trustees voted with two yes votes to approve R16-47.

  1. Doug had questions regarding a concrete driveway approach. Mr. DeFelice asked if a pipe is needed and instructed Doug to follow the rules of the zoning resolution.


  1. There is still a large construction sign on Thoroughbred Drive. Doug Czako will check on this.
  2. Kevin asked how many hours an employee receives after fifteen years. Welsh and Mr. DeFelice explained that they will address this when the employee policy handbook is written.
  3. Two properties that have not been mowed yet this year are: 10260 SR 762 and 4412 SR 752. Mr. DeFelice asked Doug Czako to check on the SR 762 property.  If it is part of the Northpoint Development property, Doug should contact them and ask them to mow it.  The owner of the SR 752 property has moved from the property.
  4. The county road projects on Hoover Road and Bulen Pierce Road should be started the week of Monday, July 11th.
  5. Kevin will be out of town on July 15 and 16. Joey will cover Friday and Beau, Saturday, if needed.
  6. Kevin asked to purchase a three foot barn fan for the roads/cemetery building. Welsh approved this purchase up to $225.00 to be paid equally from Roads MEF and Cemetery MEF.  Mr. DeFelice seconded the motion.
  7. The bench grinder is no longer working. Welsh approved the purchase of a new bench grinder up to $100.00.  Mr. DeFelice seconded this motion.
  8. There is a dead ash tree that needs to be removed at the cemetery. Mr. DeFelice made the motion to have Ralph Williams remove the tree for up to $275.00.  Mr. Welsh seconded the motion.
  9. Anna Mullins left a written complaint about a marker being moved for a nearby burial to take place. Mr. DeFelice will call her.
  10. Walnut Township is having a problem with people wanting to build mausoleums in their cemetery. This needs to be discussed and some instructions added to our cemetery rules and regulations.  We may also need to put a limit on the height of grave stones. 
  11. Mr. DeFelice stated that the high weeds at the intersection of Cromley Road and 316 have been mowed.


  1. The Chief filed for the OTARMA More grant.
  2. There is a part time firefighter leaving now and another after the first of the year.
  3. Robert Wall fell out of a chair, injured his shoulder and has filed a BWC claim.
  4. Three of the four restrooms are completed and the fourth will be done soon.


  1. Franklin Christman wants to meet with the Trustees to form a North Gate Alliance Foundation and has asked for a date when the Trustees could meet. Mr. Clark was going to find out what this is about.
  2. Mr. Welsh will ask the zoning secretary to attend the next meeting.
  3. Mr. DeFelice and Mr. Welsh both attended the Tax Incentive Review Council meeting to review the abatement for Alleris Rolled Products, Inc. on June 21 at 1:30pm.


            The minutes from the June 7, 2016 meeting could not be approved as there was only one Trustee present who attended that meeting.



A RESOLUTION TO APPROVE AND PAY THE ATTACHED LIST OF BILLS AS THE LAWFUL OBLIGATIONS OF HARRISON TOWNSHIP.  Mr. Welsh moved and Mr. DeFelice seconded and the Trustees voted with two yes votes to approve R16-48.


With no further comments and all scheduled matters attended to, Mr. Welsh moved and Mr. DeFelice seconded the motion to adjourn the July 5, 2016 Board of Trustee Meeting.  All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.