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July 8, 2013

Harrison Township Zoning Commission                                  

Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2013

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission July meeting was called to order by chairperson Kelly Spriggs at 8:00 p.m.  Present were Kelly Spriggs, Dorothy Green, James Wells, Trevor Younkin, Joe DeFelice, and Robin Welsh. Ronde Cook-Brushart was absent.

Others in attendance were Milinda Groves and Steve Allen

Minutes from the April 8, 2013 minutes were read.  Dorothy moved that the minutes be approved.  Jim seconded the motion.  Motion passed

Old Business

The Younkin building on 23 has a sign.  The signage is against the plan per Trevor Younkin.  Trevor will ask Todd to inform owner of auction business to take down signs.  If not done Trevor will contact Joe who will act on it.

Property at the corner of Weigand and Bulen Pierce, 12465 Bulen Pierce, Joe questioned wife if a business was being run out of property.  The wife stated no.  Joe spoke with the husband who stated yes a business was being run out of the property.  Joe sent a first notice of violation according to Section 13.02 Permitted Uses and Section Accessory Uses on May 11th.  A second notice of violation was sent on July 3rd.  Kelly questioned about the violation due to another application presented to the commission previously.

New Business

No new business

Hearing – Groves property

Kelly stated the ground rules for the hearing.

Kelly asked Milinda Groves to give a brief overview of her application. 

Name:         Milinda Groves
Address:     6387 Pontius Rd. Groveport, OH 43125
Phone:        614-554-3913
General Business rezoning of 5 acres of20.27 parcel at 9480 Picway Road.
Present use is (101) Cash Grain or General Farm.  District is Harrison Township.
Proposed use is trucking company office, parking, and maintenance of dump trucks within structures on property.  We are a small dump truck company hauling off-site construction material with no warehousing or storage of any material.  We do not haul hazardous material of any kind.
Trucks leave out generally between 6-8 am and return between 3:30-6pm.  Parking of trucks, as well as employee parking, will be on a 200’ by 50’ pad of milled asphalt as to keep dust and mud off main driveway.  Pad will be built between large maintenance barn and office. Large barn will be used for general and preventative maintenance.  Building just east of parking with current 2 bedroom apartment and horse barn will be used for office. Some repairs will be made.  There is no intention of expansion.  Business is currently located on 2 acres and are in need of larger property.  We have 2 office personnel, 11 drivers,  and 2 shop mechanics.  We will have no sales or contractor traffic.
My daughter, son-in-law, grandson and I will live in the home.  We would like to raise animals and have a garden  in the rear 15 acres of farm, using remaining barns as animal housing.  There is no intention to change farm driveway, but as shown on plans as a graveled driveway will be changed to a crushed asphalt driveway on the other side of the buildings.  Nothing is inventoried on the property and trucks will leave and return empty.  All trucks are 6 axle dump trucks, no semi-trucks.

Milinda assisted Trevor in clarifying on the plan where the zoning change is to be.  Joe confirmed to Trevor it is one parcel.

Kelly questions Steve if he had any additional comments.

Trevor questioned Milinda how well pole barn will work.  she confirmed it will work fine.

Kelly confirmed there is a turn lane on 23 south.

Dorothy asked if trucks are to be parked north of the building to limit the truck noise for neighbors.  Milinda confirmed and also confirmed no stone or gravel will be stocked on the property.  Employees will arrive in personal vehicles and park. 

Dorothy asked if there was a limit on the number of vehicles. 

Jim asked if the houses to the south were currently vacant.  Milinda stated one was owned by Northup.  Jim stated he believed they were up for sheriff sale.  Jim questioned if Milinda had experience raising animals.  She stated she did.

Kelly made a motion to approve not as General Business but as Planned Business.  Kelly asked if more information was needed.  Joe explained General Business versus Planned Business to Milinda and Steve.  He explained it limits the variance to only the proposed plan and not to any other types of business.  Kelly asked the maximum number of trucks the business would own.  Joe suggestion 15 trucks.  Kelly made a motion to recommend the application be changed to a planned business with a 15 truck maximum.  Clarification was made that there will be no signage and no additional security lights other than the ones currently on the property and in the plan.

Milinda questioned if they needed to add a fence to the current application.  Joe confirmed it was not necessary.

Kelly restated the motion to make recommendation to the Harrison Township Trustees for a approve application for a Planned Business with a maximum of 15 trucks.

Jim seconded motion.

Roll call vote was taken:

Kelly Spriggs – yes, planned business gives limited flexibility

Dorothy Green – yes, agree with Kelly

Jim Wells – yes, agree with Dorothy

Trevor – yes, in great location for planned business

Recommendation will go to trustees and hearing will be between 20 to 40 days.

Once the trustees make judgment it will go in effect 30 days after vote.

Application was sent to the Pickaway County Zoning Board.  Their recommendation will also be sent to the trustees.

Dorothy made a motion to adjourn.

Jim seconded the motion.

Motion passed.

The next meeting will be on October 14, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.

Robin Welsh