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May 21, 2013


May 21, 2013


Trustee Paul Welsh called the Regular Trustee Meeting of May 21, 2013 to order at 7:00pm at the Township Hall, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Ohio.  Attending were Trustee Doug Clark, Fiscal Officer MaryAnn Elliott, Zoning Inspector Joe DeFelice, Fire Chief Eric Edgington and Road/Cemetery Superintendent Kevin Hulse.  Chairman Keith Peters was absent.  Residents Randy Arledge, Frank & Kendra Miles, Woody Reffitt and Phil Stickney were present.


  1. Randy Arledge addressed the drainage problems on Lockbourne Eastern Road North and inquired about the grant.  Mr. Welsh explained that the grant that the trustees received was for the driveway drainage on Lockbourne Eastern Road near Duvall Road that drains south.
  2. Frank Miles also addressed the drainage problems on his property.  He would like a 15” pipe installed to run the water south to Duvall Road.
  3. Phil Stickney said his ditch was cleaned out several years ago, but was filled with dirt when the house across the road was built and now his ditch is not functional at all.
  4. Mr. Welsh said he will contact Mr. Peters and find out what he knows regarding this problem and will check with the engineers for advice.


  1. The resident on the corner of Ashville Pike and Duvall Road that wanted to put a second driveway in on Duvall Road does not own that property, therefore Joe did not issue him a permit.
  2. Joe received a complaint regarding the property at 13581 Hoover Road regarding the number of farm animals.  It is a sub-division and Joe issued a notice of zoning violation and they got rid of the goats, mules and chickens.
  3. Another zoning violation was issued to the residents of 12465 Bulen Pierce Road because they are running a business from the property without proper zoning for a business.


  1. Kevin got another estimate for the roof at the cemetery from B and B Construction for $5700.00.  Mr. Welsh said he is supposed to meet with someone from Able Roofing also.  He will also check on the price of a metal roof.
  2. The road mower should be repaired by Friday.


  1. Medic 803 seems to be running well now that everything has been replaced, so the Chief is having second thoughts about trading it in for the small amount they have offered.  He will continue to use it and make a recommendation to the Trustees in September. 


  1. The new fire contract goes into effect on June 1 for the next pay.  The clerk asked if the Trustees were granting the same raise in pay for the Fire Chief.


A RESOLUTION TO INCREASE THE FIRE CHIEF’S PAY BY 2% AS OF JUNE 1, 2013. Mr. Clark moved and Mr. Welsh seconded and the Trustees voted with two yes votes to approve R13-49.

  1. MP Dory will remove the old guardrail and replace it with used guardrail, new posts and reflectors for $11,920.00.


A RESOLUTION TO APPROVE HAVING MP DORY REPLACE THE GUARDRAIL ON BULEN PIERCE ROAD NORTH OF DUVALL ROAD FOR $11,920.00.  Mr. Clark moved and Mr. Welsh seconded and the Trustees voted with two yes votes to approve R13-50.


May 7, 2013 Regular meeting:  Mr. Clark moved and Mr. Welsh seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of May 7, 2013 and the Trustees voted with two yes votes.  Motion carried. 



A RESOLUTION TO APPROVE AND PAY THE ATTACHED LIST OF BILLS AS THE LAWFUL OBLIGATIONS OF HARRISON TOWNSHIP.  Mr. Clark moved and Mr. Welsh seconded and the Trustees voted with two yes votes to approve R13-51.


With no further comments and all scheduled matters attended to, Mr. Clark moved and Mr. Welsh seconded the motion to adjourn the May 21, 2013 Board of Trustee Meeting.  All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.