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May 3, 2016


May 3, 2016


Chairman Doug Clark called the Regular Trustee Meeting of May 3, 2016 to order at 7:00pm at the Harrison Township Building, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Ohio.  Attending were Trustee Doug Clark, Trustee Joe DeFelice, Trustee Bill Welsh, Fiscal Officer MaryAnn Elliott, Fire Chief Eric Edgington, Road/Cemetery Superintendent Kevin Hulse and Zoning Inspector Doug Czako.  Charles Smith and John B Smith were also present.


  1. Charles and John Smith have the deed to Section 4, Lot 45 at the Harrison Township Cemetery. Five Smith family members have been buried there and they do not want Donald’s wife to be buried in their family lot although her name is on the gravestone with Donald.  Mr. Clark explained that this is a civil matter.  Mr. Welsh asked if the deed had been probated and the Smiths said yes, although they had no probate court documents with them of their father or mother’s.  Since Donald’s wife’s name is on the stone, she would likely be buried there with her husband.  The clerk will check with John Horsley, Cemetery Sexton, for his suggestions on this matter.


  1. Doug had no items that required approval.


  1. Kevin had bids for having the diesel fuel tank at the cemetery rewired to meet code. Pritchard Electric bid $1103.00 and Toole Electric bid $2043.00.  Mr. DeFelice moved and Mr. Welsh seconded the motion to accept the bid from Pritchard Electric to be paid 50/50 from Roads and Cemetery Repairs and Maintenance.  All were in favor and the motion passed with three yes votes.
  2. The brakes are out on the Red Dump Truck. Duke’s Garage can replace the brakes, but it is unknown if the rotors will need to be replaced or what the cost of labor will be.  Mr. DeFelice moved that we have Duke’s Garage do the brake repair up to $1000.00 to be paid 50/50 from Roads and Cemetery Repairs and Maintenance.  Mr. Welsh seconded the motion.  The Trustees voted with three yes votes to approve the motion.


  1. Medic 803 came back from Coughlin after several repairs and when it was driven to Duvall, it quit running again. This medic needs to be replaced as it is just not dependable.  A new medic is now $205,000.00.  The Trustees will look at the feasibility of ordering a new medic after the budget is done in July.  For now, we need to get Medic 803 running, if possible.
  2. There will be an award ceremony on May 6 for the firefighters. Resident Edward Perkins is recognizing Andrea Osborne and Aaron Abdon for going above and beyond the call of duty.  He has ordered merit badges and has done all of the preparation for this ceremony.
  3. The Chief had pricing from Roese Brothers Paving to add an additional gravel parking lot in back of the station for $3680.00 and to seal the existing blacktop for $1720.00 front and back. The Trustees agreed that the blacktop needs to be sealed.  They are going to look into other options for digging and graveling an additional parking lot.
  4. The Chief presented two bids for remodeling the bathrooms from Gloyd Home Improvements for $39,755.00 and Capital City in Grove City for $49,573.73. Capital City submitted pictures of each restroom in detail using all tile floors and showers, low maintenance products, heat lamps, quality faucets, etc.  Gloyd Home Improvement have not submitted details to show what type of flooring, showers, faucets, etc.  The Trustees asked the Chief to get more details from Dick Gloyd showing a detailed list of what he is using before deciding.
  5. The Chief met with the warehouse managers in the northern township to discuss their needs and share information regarding the Fire Department.


  1. The Clerk passed out new beneficiary forms for all full time employees to fill out and return.


            April 19, 2016 Regular meeting:  Mr. Welsh moved and Mr. DeFelice seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of April 19, 2016 and the Trustees voted with two yes votes.  Motion carried.  Mr. Clark abstained from voting as he was absent from the April 19th meeting.



A RESOLUTION TO APPROVE AND PAY THE ATTACHED LIST OF BILLS AS THE LAWFUL OBLIGATIONS OF HARRISON TOWNSHIP.  Mr. Welsh moved and Mr. DeFelice seconded and the Trustees voted with three yes votes to approve R16-37.


With no further comments and all scheduled matters attended to, Mr. DeFelice moved and Mr. Welsh seconded the motion to adjourn the May 3, 2016 Board of Trustee Meeting.  All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.