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May 4, 2015

Harrison Township Zoning Board of Appeals

Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Leah Black at 7:00pm. Present were: Leah Black, Kenny Cookson, Larry Smith, Frank Miles, Peggy Egbert, Debi Hulse and Joe DeFelice. Also present were: Richard Wright, Gerlina Salyers, Rita Rader, Lowell Rader, Greg Spires, and Donald Johnson.

The meeting’s purpose was to hear a Variance for the Wright property at 2476 State Route 752, Ashville, Ohio. The Wrights want to build a storage building that would be 2’ from the property line and 73’ from the center of the road.

Joe read the Code about non-conforming lots and the rules for allowing a variance.

Debi read the Legal Notice which appeared in the Circleville Herald and the rules of the meeting,.

Mr. Wright stated his reasoning for wanting the variance to build the building.

Mr. Lowell Rader spoke that he was there in support of his neighbor.

The purposed building would be 2’ from the Renick property. The Deer Fence is 12’ from the property line on the Renick property. There is a well 25’ from the house. They cannot drive over the well which extends 1’ above the ground, but can drive over the well lines. The property and building were discussed.

Peggy Egbert moved to Vote on the Variance 2nd by Frank Miles. The Board voted to deny the Variance. The reason for denying the variance is that it is too close to a State Highway. The code states that a building needs to be 130 feet from the center of the road, this building would have been 73’ from the center of the road.

Mr Wright asked if he moved it back would he have a problems. It is a non-conforming lot and it would be considered. He was informed that he would have to file for another variance,.

Peggy moved to adjourn 2nd by Larry. Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm.

Debi Hulse, Secretary

Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board.