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October 21, 2014


October 21, 2014


Chairman Paul Welsh called the Regular Trustee Meeting of October 21, 2014 to order at 7:00pm at the Harrison Township Building, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Ohio. Attending were Trustee Keith Peters, Trustee Doug Clark, Fiscal Officer MaryAnn Elliott, Fire Chief Eric Edgington, Zoning Inspector Joe DeFelice and Road/Cemetery Superintendent Kevin Hulse. Also attending were Jason Harral, Captain Shawn Davidson, Firefighter Beau Ramey and Contractors Mark Finchum, Will Cline, Kevin Steward and Wes Nutter.


  1. Jason Harral presented the bids received for the Lockbourne Eastern Water Drainage/Ditch Project and the clerk opened and read each of the following submitted bids:

Darby Creek Excavating           $ 113,900.00

Finchum Excavating                  $   98,986.00

Nutter Excavating                     $   91,855.00

Sam’s Excavating                     $ 124,850.00


A RESOLUTION TO ACCEPT THE BID FROM NUTTER EXCAVATING FOR $ 91,855.00 FOR THE LOCKBOURNE EASTERN WATER DRAINAGE AND DITCH PROJECT PENDING APPROVAL FROM THE PICKAWAY COUNTY PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE. Mr. Peters moved and Mr. Welsh seconded and the Trustees voted: Mr. Peters, yes; Mr. Clark, yes; Mr. Welsh, yes. The motion was approved.

Mr. Peters and MaryAnn Elliott signed the OPEC contract for the project. Jason Harral will take the approved bid to the Prosecutor’s office for review and approval.


  1. Joe reminded the Trustees that we still need a new secretary for the zoning boards.
  2. Danny Bailey told Joe he had cleaned up his property, but Joe presented pictures showing he has not. Jayme works with a youth organization that will provide help to get the property cleaned to comply with the zoning resolution.
  3. Joe received two new complaints and checked into both of them. Neither is in violation of the zoning resolution.


  1. Beau Ramey asked for permission to take his CDL driver’s test in the Township dump truck. Mr. Clark moved and Mr. Peters seconded the motion to allow Beau to use the dump truck for his license test.
  2. Scott Pritchard is going to repair the outside lights at the Township Building and make sure we have outside lighting for the parking area before the election on November 4.
  3. Melanie from the Board of Elections sent the list of repairs that are needed to be done before the election on November 4. Kevin will paint the handicapped parking spot and the yellow stripes for the van accessible area. The threshold is loose, but we remove it for the election.  


  1. The Chief stated that he will post a notice for applications for the Captain position at the Fire Station for thirty days. Mr. Welsh will be present for the interviews on November 25 and the Chief asked for a special meeting on Friday, December 5, 2014 at 9am for the Trustees to appoint the new Captain. The Trustees agreed to this special meeting.


  1. The clerk will be out of town for the December 2 meeting. The Trustees decided to cancel this meeting.
  2. A Township policy for Indigent Burials is needed. The Trustees discussed this and Mr. Welsh will bring sample forms from other townships and this will be discussed again at the next meeting.


            October 7, 2014 Regular meeting: Mr. Peters moved and Mr. Welsh seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of October 7, 2014 and the Trustees voted with two yes votes. Mr. Clark abstained from voting as he was absent from this meeting. Motion carried. 

            October 9, 2014 Special meeting: Mr. Clark moved and Mr. Peters seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the special meeting of October 9, 2014 and the Trustees voted with three yes votes. Motion carried.



A RESOLUTION TO APPROVE AND PAY THE ATTACHED LIST OF BILLS AS THE LAWFUL OBLIGATIONS OF HARRISON TOWNSHIP. Mr. Clark moved and Mr. Peters seconded and the Trustees voted with three yes votes to approve R14-90.


With no further comments and all scheduled matters attended to, Mr. Peters moved and Mr. Clark seconded the motion to adjourn the October 21, 2014 Board of Trustee Meeting. All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.