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October 23, 2017



OCTOBER 23, 2017

The Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board held a special hearing on Monday, October 23, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Harrison Township Building, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Ohio  43137.  The hearing was to hear, review and vote on a Variance Request from the National Lime and Stone Company regarding signage at their mining site, 9311 US 23, Lockbourne, OH.  Parcel # D1200030030400. 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Leah Black at 7:00pm.  Present were:  Leah Black, Peg Egbert, Kenny Cookson, Frank Miles, Debi Hulse and Dale Hoover.  Absent was:  Buck Spangler.  Others in attendance were:  Michael Bailey, representative of National Line & Stone, Ann Timmons Root, Pryor Timmons, Donna Timmons, Ken and Anna Gillam. 

Debi Hulse, secretary, read the hearing procedures and the Variance Request.

Dale Hoover, Zoning Inspector, read the limits on signage.  An on premise sign can be 40 feet.

Michael Bailey from the Engineering dept. of National Lime & Stone Company showed pictures of other site signs.  All signs were made from quarried stone from the site where the sign will be placed.  The new sign will be placed where the existing wooden sign is which is the left side of the driveway.  National Lime & Stone has a right-a-way.  This is the same right-a-way which AEP had. 

Ken Gilliam asked Michael Bailey about the berm around the property.  He thought it was to be 13 feet high all the way down the property between US 23 and the quarry site.  Mr. Gilliam is worried about flooding.  Anna Gilliam said they have lived in their home for 24 years.  They share a concern of pushing water onto their property.  They live on US 23 across from the site.  Mr. Bailey assured them that creating the lake will help prevent flooding.  The berm will be built farther down the property.  This will happen when they strip off another layer of clay which they use to build the berm.  The Gilliams took his business card so they can communicate further with him if needed.

Barbara Timmons asked about a flag.  There is none at this time because there is no electricity at the entrance.  They do have a flag at the site.

Frank Miles asked if the sign will resemble the ones in the pictures.  Mr. Bailey said the sign will be built from stone from the site.

Peg Egbert asked about the size of the sign.  Mr. Bailey said it will be 7 feet tall.

Frank asked about lighting.  Will it be seen at night?  Mr. Bailey said they have no plans to put power out there so there will be no light.

Leah Black asked if National Lime & Stone had purchased land from AEP.  Mr. Bailey stated that they have a driveway and 20 feet of ground easement.  They are planning on widening the road in the future.  Leah stated that we need to see the easement.  Mr. Bailey did not have the easement with him.  Dale Hoover stated the variance could be approved, but Dale would have to see the easement before the final approval for the variance and permits issued.

Frank made a motion to approve the variance pending written owner’s documentation of easement.  Peg 2nd this motion.

Vote:  A Yes vote would be to approve the variance pending documentation.

Kenny Cookson:        Yes

Peg Egbert            Yes

Frank Miles            Yes

Leah Black            Yes

The variance will be approved after proper documentation is presented.

Peg moved to adjourn.  Kenny 2nd.  Meeting adjourned.

Debi Hulse


Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board