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October 24, 2016

Harrison Township Zoning Commission

Corrected Meeting Minutes

October 24, 2016

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission met on Monday, October 24, 2016 at 7:00 pm for a special meeting.  The City of Columbus has requested property they own at the intersection of Ashville Pike and Shepard Road, Parcel #D1200030027803, be rezoned from Farm/Residential to Planned Business.  The City of Columbus wants to construct an Air Quality Facility on this property.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Kelly Spriggs at 7:05 pm.  Debi Hulse, Secretary, took attendance.  Those present were:  Kelly Spriggs, Matt Rayburn, Ronde Cook-Brushart, Debi Hulse and Doug Czako.  Absent were:  Lisa Darnell and Trevor Younkin.  Also present were:  Keith Peters, neighbor; Lee Weber,P.E. Engineering Manager Water for Black & Veatch Corporation; and Jeremy Cawley, P.E. Project Manager, Sewer System Engineering Section for the City of Columbus.

Debi Hulse read the Ground rules for the hearing.  She also read the Legal Notice which was published in the Circleville Herald.  Kelly read a letter received from the Pickaway County Office of Development & Planning signed by Terry L. Frazier.  They met on October 11, 2016 and recommended the proposal of the City of Columbus. 

Jeremy Cawley spoke and told the Commission that the City of Columbus wants to treat the air from the sewer.  This will control the air quality. 

Lee Weber showed the map of the area and the drawing of the building.  This will provide ventilation for the sewer.  They will construct a small fan building.  The dimensions will be 14’ X 25’.  Height of the building will be approximately 11” high.  This will be a pre-built building.  The building will match the surroundings.    There will also be an open mulch bed.  It will have concrete walls approximately 2’ high.  There will be a layer of lava rock with a layer of mulch on top. 

Ronde Cook-Brushart asked how far the building will be from the road.  It will be 75’ from Ashville Pike and 47’ from Shepard Road.  She asked about smells.  There will be no smells.  The City of Columbus has 5 facilities already and has had no complaints of smells.  The most would be a wet mulch smell.  She asked about lighting.  The lighting will be minimal.  There will be a small pole with light to monitor the site remotely.  She asked about signs.  There will be 1 small sign on the building with The City of Columbus and a phone number.

Kelly Spriggs asked about a perimeter fence for security.  There will be a perimeter fence.  This will be to prevent stealing and vandalism.  There is wiring inside the building. 

Matt Rayburn asked about noises.  There will be a fan inside the building.  It will produce minimal noise.  This will be a low maintenance site. 

Ronde asked exactly where it would be positioned.  The building will be South of the Electric substation.  There will be farmland between the substation and the building.

Keith Peters spoke.  He asked about how often the site would be maintained.  The City will be out weekly to check on the building and mulch field.  Keith said that this project must happen.  As neighbors of the progress and building in the township, we don’t always like what is happening.  This is where we live and progress is here.  This project is a necessity and has to be done correctly.

Kelly Spriggs asked about the mulch field.  Lee and Jeremy showed the Commission photos of existing facilities.  The City of Columbus has been installing these since 2009.    The walls will be approximately 2 feet above grade with mulch on top of lava rock.  This helps take out foul smells.  The fan draws negative pressure up and forces the air up through the material.

Jeremy Cawley said there have been improvements since the 1st one was built in 1999.  The media used since 2012 is a Douglas Fir mulch from out West.  This mulch holds up better and does a better job than local mulch.  He did say that sometimes the good bacteria will take approximately 1 month to take hold and break down the smells.  The mulch field will smell like wet mulch.  The sewer will be 30’ underground.

This Air Quality Facility will perform 2 tasks.  It will prevent corrosion of the sewer and treat the sewer gas produced. 

Kelly Spriggs asked about screenings around the perimeter.  Jeremy stated that they do have screenings around the facility in Dublin and that some could be added here.  She also asked about the driveway.  The entrance will be to the South and will be a gravel driveway.

Jeremy stated that there will be another Air Quality Facility built in conjunction to this one.  The other one will be North of Lockbourne.  The facilities will be identical.

Kelly Spriggs asked about Air Quality Studies.  They were studied.  These facilities should take care of the area when the area is fully constructed and is running at maximum capacity.


Kelly Spriggs stated that this Facility has to be done.  She would like to see plantings around to make it look better.  Her concerns were about lights, smell and noise.

Ronde wants to preserve as much farmland as possible.  This is necessary.

Matt stated that this has to happen.  He stated that it would be nice to have trees, bushes to make it look better.

Everyone agreed that it needs to be “dressed up” a bit = modification.


  To accept the application from Farm/Residential to Planned Business with modifications:

  • Planting on west side for vegetative screening
  • Drive on South side to be either gravel or paved
  • Perimeter fence around property
  • Minimal lighting for security purposes (pole) and entrance lighting
  • Building constructed to a rustic barn/brick siding.
  • Security sign- No Trespassing sign on fence.

Ronde Cook-Brushart made the motion to recommend to the trustees to accept the application with modifications.  Matt Rayburn 2nd the motion.


Ronde Cook-Brushart                 Yes, with the stipulations in the motion

Matt Rayburn                           Yes, with the stipulations in the motion

Kelly Spriggs                            Yes, with the stipulations in the motion.

Motion carried.  Vote was unanimous.

Kelly reminded everyone that this hearing is a committee recommendation of the application to the trustees.  The trustees will hold a separate public hearing to review and make a final decision on the recommendation and application.  She indicated all parties; applicant and property owners will receive notification from the trustees on the hearing date and time.

Matt moved to adjourn the meeting, Kelly 2nd the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.