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September 28, 2015

Harrison Township Zoning

Special Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2015

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission was called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman, Kelly Spriggs. Members present were: Kelly Spriggs, Doug Czako, Ronde Cook-Brushart, Debi Hulse and Zoning Inspector, Joe DeFelice.

Also present were: from National Lime and Stone Company – Brian Barger, Attorney with Eastman & Smith; Kyle Tucker, Attorney with Eastman & Smith, Dan Mapes and Chad Doll. Neighbors and interested parties present were: Matt Rayburn, Bill Scala, DeLynn Mac Queen, and Zach Thomas.

This meeting was to gather information and make a zoning recommendation on a change in zoning from Agriculture/Residential to General Business for a 270.34 acre tract in Harrison Township. National Lime and Stone Company from Findlay, Ohio is requesting this change.

Debi read the ground rules and agenda for the meeting. Debi also read a letter from the Office of Development and Planning, Pickaway Co., Ohio signed by Terry L. Frazier. The letter stated that this office approved the plan. Debi then read the Legal Notice which was published in the Circleville Herald.

Brian Barger, Attorney with Eastman & Smith, spoke on behalf of the National Lime & Stone Company which is the largest producer of Aggregate in Ohio. He presented an enlarged map of the proposed area and plan for those in attendance to study. The 270.34 acre land now zoned Farming/Residential is requested to be rezoned General Business. ORC 519.12 deals with mining operations.

The site would be used for sand and gravel mining. A hot mix asphalt plant for asphalt and a concrete plant would be added. The site will employ 12 – 15 full time employees. This would also support indirect jobs such as transportation. This industry is highly regulated by ODNR. They will apply for surface mining permits through ODNR. Most materials will be sized for ODOT use. It will be stockpiled on site and will leave by truck. There will be a wheel wash built on site so not to track mud and debris onto US 23.

Access to the site is still being worked out with AEP. The proposed and favorable access route is to gain easement on AEP and use their access road and exit at the existing traffic light onto US 23. The attorneys for both companies are handling this. This should happen in the next few weeks. The County Engineer will report to the Commissions on the access drive to US 23.

The National Lime & Stone Company anticipates about 25 years of material are at this site. They will use 5 acres of land per year. The rest would remain in farm use. The Over-burden will be used for earthen mounds around the mining site. ODNR permits a 3 year reclamation plan after mining is complete. The reclamation will be a Private recreation lake. The site will be inspected 2 times per year. The depth will be between 25 – 90 feet deep. The shallower end will be closer to US23. Initially, the site will use a well. After the lake has begun, water will be used from the lake for things like the wheel wash and then will run back to the lake.

There will be inspections. ODNR requires compliance with the mining plan, mining safety and health. This will deal with worker safety, dust, etc. The EPA will be monitoring water issues, watering the roads, air quality, etc.

Ronde questioned lighting at the site. Lighting will be equipment specific. There will be lights where needed. She also questioned if there would be dust. EPA regulations will be followed. There will be a water truck to water roads if dusty. There will be no visible emissions.

Kelly questioned the noise level. There will be no blasting. Crushing/Screening equipment will create noise. There should be no noise higher than typical road noise. They will perform a Noise Study. Kelly also questioned the hours of operation. It will be open as the Market demands. It is a seasonal business, typically March to November. Chad also stated that there other operation near this site is open Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 4pm. They are open Saturday mornings for shipping product. Maintenance will be performed after hours. Their equipment will have back-up alarms with radar units. They beep at a lower level.

Other questions and answers were addressed. The Asphalt plant will follow EPA regulations and requirements. There will be a small scale house built on site. A small modular building for employees will be added.

Trespassers: They will work with the Sheriff’s Office when dealing with trespassers. There will be cameras, motion sensors installed.

After reclaiming the land, The National Lime & Stone Co. will own the property. It will be a usable land form.

Matt Rayburn asked if it would interfere with the wildlife preserves. The answer is no. The Timmons farm is between the site and the preserve.

Kelly asked if there was anyone who wanted to speak for the proposal. No one spoke. Asked if there was anyone present who was against the proposal, no one spoke.

The project will be bonded. ODNR would then be responsible if National would forfeit the site. The Strategic Plan is the have minimal access to US 23. Access roads are to be used. This issue is being worked on by the attorneys. Mr. Barger stated that they will follow the direction of ODOT if the AEP access road plan should fall through.

The Board expressed concern regarding what will happen to the site after reclamation. Mr. Barger stated that they would not be opposed to restrictions. It could be a planned business with Conditional use perhaps.

The Harrison Township Zoning Commission makes the following recommendation to the Harrison Township Trustees:

     Recommend to accept as amended a planned Business for quarrying and mining with a hot mix asphalt and ready mix concrete plant. Recommendation is contingent upon approval of the preferred entrance only.

Kelly made a motion with Ronde seconding it. Kelly called for a vote. All were in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 8:17pm. Ronde moved to close, Doug 2nd.

Brian Barger requested a copy of these minutes be sent to him.

Debi Hulse

Harrison Township Zoning Commission Secretary