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September 30, 2019



September 30, 2019

The Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board held a special hearing on Monday, September 30, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Harrison Township Building, 2746 Weigand Road, Lockbourne, Ohio 43137.  The hearing was for the purpose of hearing the zoning variance requested by Anthony and Michelle Jones, 11525 Bulen Pierce Road, Lockbourne, OH  43137 to build a home on a home on a non-conforming lot.  The Jones’ are requesting to build a second home on their property.  They own Parcels D1200020020000 and D1200020020004.  The 1st parcel consists of25.841 acres, their house sits on this parcel.  The 2nd parcel consists of 4.785 acres and is located directly behind their house. 

Chairman Leah Black called the hearing to order at 7:00pm.  Debi Hulse, secretary, informed all in attendance that the hearing would be recorded.

Present were:  Leah Black, Peg Egbert, Buck Spangler, Kenny Cookson, Debi Hulse and Dale Hoover.  Absent was Frank Miles.  Also, in attendance were:  Tony Jones, Michelle Jones, Cody Cook and Emily Cook.

Debi Hulse read the Hearing Procedures and the Legal Notice which was printed in the Circleville Herald.

Dale Hoover, Zoning Inspector, read the application for the Variance. Dale also gave an overview of the request.

In 2004 the Jones purchased a 4.785 lot with no road frontage and was connected to their existing lot.  It was noted on the Deed to be sold as 1 lot. It does not meet our zoning codes to build another home.

The Ohio Gas Pipeline runs diagonal at the front of the property.  The Marathon pipeline runs along the driveway on the North side of the property.  The lane or driveway has been there for many years and was used as access to the land and woods.  The proposed home will sit on the 4.785 parcel which is referred to as The Woods. 

There was a discussion on surveying and re-parceling the property.  It is possible to split the lot in half, North and South.  The road frontage, 475.34 feet, is adequate to do this. 

Leah Black stated that she thinks the Board needs to stick with the Zoning Code.

Leah Black, Chairman, asked for questions.

Peg Egbert moved to reject the requested Variance.  There was no 2nd.  The motion was withdrawn.

Discussion continued.

Buck Spangler questioned the motion.  We are having a hearing.  They have requested a Variance which if granted is a difference of our Zoning Code.  The house can be built on this property either way.  Either by granting the Variance or by having it re-surveyed. 

Kenny Cookson stated that there were no other property owners here to object the Variance.

Tony Jones stated that he had discussed it with neighboring property owners.  This way, the Variance, will be less disturbing to the neighborhood than having it re-surveyed and building another driveway on the Southern edge of the property.  There will be a maintenance agreement with the shared driveway.  The home will be built by Tony and Michelle Jones’ daughter and son-in-law, Cody and Emily Jones. 

Buck Spangler moved to accept the Variance of building the house on the rear Parcel.  It will be more aesthetically more pleasing to approve it.  Kenny Cookson 2nd the motion.

Vote on the Motion to Approve the Variance.

Peg Egbert        No

Kenny Cookson    Yes

Buck Spangler        Yes

Leah Black, Chairman, did not vote due to the Board being an uneven number.

The Variance was approved.  The house may be built on the 4.785-acre Parcel.

Tony Jones thanked the Board for granting the Variance.  He stated he also understood the need for rules and Zoning Codes.  He stated the house will be built for around $350,000.  The appraised value will e higher.  Cody Cook also thanked the Board.

Peg Egbert moved to adjourn the hearing.  Kenny Cookson 2nd the motion.  Hearing adjourned.

The Zoning Appeals Board will meet on October 14, 2019 at 7:00pm for their regularly scheduled, quarterly meeting.

Debi Hulse

Harrison Township Zoning Appeals Board Secretary