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Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes April 2011

Entries from April 1, 2011 – April 30, 2011

April 11, 2011

TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2011 AT 3:37PM

Harrison Township Zoning Commission

Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2011

The Harrison Twp. Zoning Commission April meeting was called to order by Chair Mark Coon at 8:00PM.  Present were Barbara Younkin, Mark Coon, Dorothy Green, Kelly Spriggs, Patrick Schutte, Joe DeFelice and Carol Balthaser.

Minutes from the January 10, 2011 meeting were read and approved.


There has been no further information available regarding Pat Neal’s appeal of his zoning violation to the Pickaway County Common Pleas Court.

Greenlawn has finished the outside storage sheds on their property.  Joe DeFelice has been checking the condition of Greenlawn’s property periodically and has found no violations.


Patrick Schutte was welcomed to the Zoning Commission as the newest member.

Joe told the Commission that Harrison Township Trustees will be starting a website.  Some of the information that will be found on this website will be:  trustee meeting minutes; zoning rules and regulations; complaint forms; driveway request forms; rural mailbox standards; zoning application forms; possibly Zoning Committee minutes and/or hearing minutes; names of the trustees, fiscal officer, zoning inspector, zoning commission and secretary, appeals commission and secretary.

Dave Cummins contacted Joe DeFelice regarding the eviction notice that he received.  Dave currently rents the house situated next to the elevator that Pandora Grain is leasing from Norfolk Southern.  Pandora Grain stated at their hearing that it was their intent to eventually use this house as a possible office and for facilities for their employees.  Pandora’s lease with Norfolk Southern includes the house that Dave rents.  Joe explained to Dave that he should contact Norfolk Southern with any questions/issues that he had with the eviction.

This inquiry brought to light an item that was overlooked prior to the Pandora Grain hearing.  Article VI (District Changes and Amendments), Section 6.04 states:

Submission to Planning Commission:  Within five (5) days after the adoption of a motion by the Commission, transmittal of a resolution by the Board of Township Trustees, or the filing of an application pursuant to Section 6.03, the Zoning Commission shall transmit a copy of such motion, resolution or application, together with the text and map pertaining to the case in question, to the Pickaway County Planning Commission.  The Pickaway County Planning Commission may recommend the approval or denial of the proposed amendment, or some modification thereof, and shall submit such recommendation to the Township Zoning Commission.  Such recommendation shall be considered at the public hearing held by the Zoning Commission, pursuant to Section 6.05.

Pandora Grain’s application was never submitted to the Planning Commission, only the Soil and Water Commission.  Dave Cummins brought this up to Joe as a result of receiving the eviction notice.  Joe contacted the Prosecutor’s office regarding Dave’s inquiry on this point.  The Prosecutor’s Office stated that thirty (30) days had expired since the hearing and that this was not a problem.  Joe also stated that if the Planning Commission had submitted a recommendation to the Zoning Commission, the Zoning Commission was not required to follow part or any of the recommendations submitted to them.

Joe then presented a question regarding Article XVII (General Business District), Section 17.03, Item H which states:

Contractor equipment and storage yards, provided adequate fencing and screening devices are installed.  A Development Plan, pursuant to Section 11.02.07, shall be required.

Joe posed the question as to what are adequate fencing and screening devices and when should he be required to contact the owner.  He stated that currently there are two people that fall under this section i.e. Paul Pence and Anthony Jones.

Kelly Spriggs stated that she felt it should be done on a case by case basis.  The situation should be judged on the size and type of equipment i.e. small vs. large, and that the Zoning Commission should define each case as it occurs. 

Mark Coon agreed with Kelly stating that the size and amount of storage equipment should determine the fencing and screening.

Dorothy Green suggested that the Zoning Commission members should physically take a look at each situation as it occurs before any recommendations are made regarding fencing and screening.

Joe suggested that the applicant list what equipment will be stored and the size of the equipment to be stored.  To reinforce this, the Zoning Commission should ask the applicant what is going to be stored during the hearing.  That information would then tell the Zoning Committee what they should specify to the applicant that would be adequate fencing and screening.  Also, if the equipment stored should change, the fencing and screening requirement could change

Kelly Spriggs inquired about an antique business that may be going in on the Hedges/Call property on Lockbourne Eastern Road.  She raised the question of increased traffic volume in a residential neighborhood.  Joe stated that if there was an issue with this, it would come before the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Barbara Younkin moved to adjourn the meeting.  Kelly Spriggs seconded the motion.  All in favor—motion passed.

The next meeting will be July 11, 2011 at 8:00P.M.

Carol Balthaser