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Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes July 2011

Entries from July 1, 2011 – July 31, 2011

July 11, 2011

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011 AT 3:40PM

Harrison Township Zoning Commission

Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2011

The Harrison Twp. Zoning Commission July meeting was called to order by Chair Mark Coon at 8:00PM.  Present were Barbara Younkin, Mark Coon, Dorothy Green, Kelly Spriggs, Joe DeFelice and Carol Balthaser.

Minutes from the April 11, 2011 meeting were read and approved.


Patrick Schutte has elected to resign his position on the Zoning Commission.

Pat Neal’s court case has been completed, approved and the map updated.  The rezoned area encompasses ten (10) acres and falls under Article XVII (General Business District), Section 17.03 (Conditional Uses) Item H. (Contractor Equipment and Storage Yards.)  Joe did not receive a plan on this and will monitor the screening as rezoned.


Chair Mark Coon read a letter he received from the Harrison Township Trustees.  The letter contained Resolution 11-36 requesting the Zoning Commission make a recommendation for a minimum square footage requirement for a new residential building in Harrison Township.

This recommendation would fall under Article XXVI (General Development Standards.)

Joe presented the wording found in the old regulations (article 8.06) regarding building dimensions (floor space requirements):

Each single family dwelling hereafter erected in this district shall have a living area of not less than   twelve hundred (1200) square feet.  All such living areas shall be exclusive of basements, porches   and garages.

As a point of reference, Joe offered that Greenlawn’s stick built model home is one thousand seven hundred seventy (1770) square feet.

After discussion, Kelly Spriggs moved to adopt the old language found in article 8.06 with a minimum square footage of fourteen hundred (1400) square feet.  Barbara Younkin seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

It was noted that ODOT is going to be working on the intersection of State Route 23, State Route 762 and Duvall Road beginning July 18 for thirty (30) days to realign turning lanes and install traffic lights.

Kelly questioned the overgrown lot on the northwest corner of Weigand Road and Bulen Pierce.  The house looks unoccupied and the weeds are up to the windows.  Joe stated that the Trustees must notify the owner of the need to mow.

Dorothy questioned the lack of progress by Pandora Grain to remedy issues on the lot.  It was stated at the Trustee meeting that Roese Brothers were to pave after July 4, yet that has not happened.  The material for the concrete walls has arrived, yet the walls have not yet been put into place.  Joe will check with Pandora as to when the work will start.

Kelly Spriggs moved to adjourn.  Barbara Younkin seconded.  All in favor, motion passed.

The next meeting will be October 10, 2011 at 8:00 P.M.

Carol Balthaser